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Why healing matters

Some Half Baked Thoughts on Persistence


Matthew 15:21-28: A demonized girl is healed

Mark 4:35-41: Does Jesus not calm storms anymore?

Matthew 17:20 & Luke 17:6: Mustard Seed Faith

Seeking healing again (and again, and again, etc.)

Acts 5:15-16: Peter's Shadow

Matthew 17:14-21: A boy with seizures is healed

Matthew 14:14: Many are Healed

The Necessity of Miracles

Isn't it time we started doing what Jesus did?

Matthew 14:34-36: Many sick are healed

Matthew 26:39: God's will, not ours

Matthew 12:22-24: A demonized, blind and deaf man is healed

Matthew 12:15: Jesus healed them all

Matthew 12:9-14: A Withered Hand