Miracles reported online

I'm not making claims about the accuracy or truth of these reports. I'm simply cataloging them. People have afternoon tea with the Yeti online, so some cynicism is warranted. That said, as 62% of Pentecostals, 46% of charismatics, and 28% of other Christians in America claim to have "witnessed divine healing,"* we might be rushing things in assuming all of the testimonies listed below are bogus.

It also seems appropriate to repeat John Wesley's words recorded in The Complete Works of John Wesley, Vol.2, "An Extraordinary Cure": "O incredulity! what ridiculous shifts art thou driven to! What absurdities wilt thou not believe, rather than own any extraordinary work of God!" At some point, denying all testimonies becomes a rather weak arguement.

* Numbers are based on data provided in the book Miracles : 2 volumes: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts by Craig S. Keener (Baker Books, Nov 1, 2011, page 237: click here to the relevant portion of the book in Google Books) and are included below for reference (click on the image to see an enlarged view):
Using the number's from Kenner's book, a total of almost 35 million people from the USA's Pentecostal and Charismatic groups alone.